For the past decade Andrew James has been one of the leading magicians in the North West. During that time he has performed thousands of shows as resident magician of both Pure Magic Bar and Illusions Magic Bar as well as at wide range of private performances.  


Although Andrew is a North West Magician and many of his bookings are in the Lancashire and Manchester area, he has performed all over the UK as well as abroad. 


Magic is such a versatile art form and as a result he has enjoyed working with a wide range of clients and audiences in a variety of venues including parties, family celebrations, weddings, restaurants, dinner parties, nightclubs, Christmas work events, cabaret nights, comedy clubs and more!


The two main styles of magic Andrew performs are Close-Up Magic and Stand-Up Magic.




"Andrew has been at some of our biggest, recent events and we couldn’t have been happier with his performance. A fantastic display, great repartee and interaction with customers and an all-round excellent performer. So good, we almost don’t want to share him!"
                                                                                                                                                                  Naomi – Gin Festival Organiser




Close-Up Magic

Close Up Magic is one of the most powerful and unforgettable experiences you can have and can create memories that will last for the rest of your life. It is performed inches from the audiences face, in their hands, often with their own possessions.


Imagine your guests taking part in the following scenarios at your next party or event…


  • Andrew borrows an engagement ring which then vanishes in flames and appears inside a padlocked box that has been in the audiences hands the entire time.
  • Andrew and the audience hold metal objects at their fingertips and cause them to bend in front of their very eyes with just the power of the mind. 
  • An audience member draws a picture of a place that means something to them and places it onto a sealed envelope. Using psychic trickery Andrew will climb inside their mind and draw exatly the image they are thinking of. 

Close-Up Magic is perfect for parties, events, Christmas parties, family celebrations and Weddings. It can be slotted seamlessly into any event and Andrew can "mix and mingle" amongst your guests and entertain them in small groups. 




"Andrew worked hard at my 50th birthday party of approximately 100 people, intriguing guests of all ages with his close magic.  The fork bending trick was especially popular but the variety of card tricks were equally impressive. He also took time at the end of his 'rounds' to perform some magic just for me."
                                                                                                                                                                                               Janet – Radcliffe




Stand-Up Magic

Stand-Up magic is performed to larger audiences, usually on stage and involves larger props and effects. 


Andrew blends comedy, mind reading, escapology, world record attempts and magic to creata crowd-pleasing cabaret style show with plenty of audience participation.


His Stand-Up Magic show is very versatile and can easily be adapted to suit your event, occasion or venue. The length of the show can be adapted in length to fit your event from between  20-60 minutes and can be tailored to each specific audience.


It can even be combined with Close-Up magic before or after the Stand-Up showfor an inforgettable entertainment experience.  


Stand-Up Magic is perfect for, cabaret nights, comedy clubs and variety shows or parties and events where you would like all your guests or clients to be entertained with a single performance. 





My girlfriends booked Andrew for my hen do in Manchester. He truly made the evening brilliant. A very talented magician…still can't believe some of the tricks, he made my hen do very memorable. Other magicians not a patch on Andrew and I would highly recommend him for any occasion."
                                                                                                                                                                                          Wendy – Blackburn




7 Reasons why you need to hire Andrew


1. Entertaining

The last thing magic should be is boring. Andrew is half man, half magician and half comedian and blends quality mind blowing magic with laughs and entertaining routines. If you want your next party or event to be filled with the sounds of gasps, screams and laughter as well as an excited and energised atmosphere the Andrew is the magician you need. 

2. Professional

Andrew is a profession entertainer and is a registered member of Equity, the performers union. He has performer's public liability insurance meaning bookers and venues are hiring a risk free entertainer. When hiring a performer always ensure they are registered with equity. 

3. Family friendly

Inviting an entertainer to perform for your guests can be daunting. When you hire Andrew you can be safe in the knowledge that everyone from children to Granny and back again will be enthralled and entertained. In Andrew's performances nobody will be singled out or made fun of. In fact the opposite will happen. His performance will unite and energise the audience giving them shared memories that they will discuss for years to come. 

4. Wide repertoire

Some magicians you see can only perform card tricks. Andrew is not one of those. Andrew has been learning, practicing and performing magic for twenty years and in that time has built up a huge repertoire of skills and tricks. When you hire Andrew you can expect magic involving cards, rope, money, bottles, liquid, fire and more. He can also offer mind reading, freaky body effects, juggling and escapology. He is a one-man royal variety show! 

5. Experience

Andrew is a North West Magician with over 2000 performances under his belt you can rest assured that you are hiring a professional magician who can instantly adapt to any audience or performing situation and provide a quality performance time after time. 

6. Stress buster!

Andrew's sole aim is you make your event or celebration a success and unforgettable and unique for your guests. Andrew is more than happy to discuss your requirements and can adapt to meet your needs. He is also willing to offer advice and planning tips where relevant to help make your event or special occasion flow seamlessly. He will always arrive early and is happy to talk to guests before and after the show and will never turn down a request to see "one more trick…" 

7. 100% money back guarantee

Andrew is one of the very few magicians in the UK that offers a 100% money back guarantee. He wants you to feel confident in booking him for your party or event that you are hiring a professional who will entertain your guests and give them an unforgettable experience. 






"Thanks again for the excellent work at my wedding in October. Everyone loved it you were a big hit! We'll definitely book you again. My Husband is hinting for his birthday!"
                                                                                                                                                                                         Laura – Manchester




If there are any more questions you have please do not hesitate to get in touch with Andrew at bookings@andrewjamesmagic.com or call 07969 869229.

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