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Andrew James is a wedding magician who specialises in making the best day of your life even more magical…

In the past few years, wedding magicians have become more popular than ever. From keeping guests entertained while you have your photos taken or getting the evening started with a bang, a magician can keep your guests enthralled and energised at all times and help the day flow seamlessly.


Magic is also a fantastic ice-breaker and the perfect way to get everyone talking and connected throughout the day.

Andrew's friendly and humorous style makes him a hit with all ages. Children, teenagers, adults and grandparents will all be entertained by miracles happening in their own hands.

Hiring a magician for your wedding day not only helps to make your day unforgettable for your guests but also helps to take away the stress and worry of each part of the day starting on time. Should there be any slight delays or hiccups, Andrew can entertain your guests and keep them in party mode!

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Close-Up magic is one of the most stimulating and unforgettable forms of entertainment on the planet. The magic happens in your face, under your nose and in your hands.

This results in an amazing experience that will stay with you and your guests for years to come.

Andrew can mix and mingle with your guests performing 10-15 minute shows for small groups at a time. He will mix a range of different styles and effects together to ensure everyone is involved and entertained.

Andrew will also perform a special set of magic just for the Bride and Groom, which will leave them with impossible magical souvenirs that will capture the moment the magic happened.

For a personal and unforgettable entertainment experience Andrew’s wedding close-up magic is a must.


Give your guests a wedding experience they will never forget by adding Andrew’s wedding magic cabaret to your day.

His 30 minute show combines magic, comedy, mind-reading,
escapology, music and more to create an unforgettable experience which will stay with your guests for years to come.

Andrew’s routines rely on lots of audience participation so he may be asking the Page Boys, Bridesmaids, Best Man and of course the Bride and Groom for a little help along the way…

The wedding cabaret is also a perfect way to gather your guests around the dance floor before handing over to the DJ for the cutting of the cake and first dance. It is a great transition into the evening section and will help create energy and excitement and get your guests in the mood to party.

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